Town Hall 6-7 farming strat.

Posted onAug 26th, 2014
Author Dragath
Category:Clash of Clans Tips

Basically, all you do is train about 8-10 giants, 20-30 barbarians or so, 30-70 archers, 20-30 goblins, and 2-5 wall breakers. This is a very simple strategy that will annoy the heck out of any farmer who puts all his storages in the very middle of his base :D! All you have to do is place all your giants on one side, send in wall breakers when the mortar has just shot, then place barbs and archers around the giants. Make sure to spread them out. Then simply take your goblins and send them in after the giants have broken through the first/second wall and they will wreak havoc on their storages :D! I have ninjad this strategy out for quite a while and I use it most often! Have fun!