Barch (attacking strategy)

Posted onAug 26th, 2014
Author Dragath
Category:Clash of Clans Tips

Barch is a very underestimated strategy. If you don't know, it stands for barbarians and archers. It can be used for trophy pushing and farming. When trophy pushing, most players use a high lvl strategy like dragons or giant healer. This is a mistake. Most players will defeat them when they are offline and they will lose more trophies than gain. With barch on the other hand, you can almost go back to back with raids and 1 star-2 star most players. I usually 2 star town halls equal to my lvl with ease. This provides some nice trophies for a cheap and efficient army. In order to trophy push with barch, simply draw out CC (clan castle) and check for bombs around the sninja which you are going to attack. Then send in about 20-40 barbs base on your town hall lvl and then send in archers to reinforce. After that, send in the rest of barbs to break through the wall. In order to farm, Then send in the remaining archers and barbs and you should be able to 2 star the base. In order to farm, zoom out and drag your finger around the base with barbs until you run out. Make sure to draw out CC (clan castle). Then circle the base with archers. Save about 10-15. Once that's done, go over with your archers to reinforce the attacking force on the storages or collectors. I hoped this helped you skeptical players and have fun! :D Lol