Getting gold thru farming

Posted onAug 30th, 2014
Author :*:ripper:*:
Tagsfarming, gold
Category:Clash of Clans Tips

There are a million ways to get gold through farming, but I figured out some MASSIVELY effective ways of doing it. Now, just FYI, this strategy only works for higher level bases, like town hall 8+. However, the raid strategy I outline may work for as low of a town hall as level 7. Here is how your base layout should be: place your gold storages (2 or 4 is the optimal number, because it grants symmetry) in the center of your base. they should each be in a separate compartment. Then, place the following around the gold storages: your air defenses, wizard towers, barbarian king, archer queen, xbows, air bombs, seeking air mines, spring traps, and most of your little bombs (if you do not have an archer queen or xbows, substitute with two mortars and your clan castle). Place a layer of walls around all this, and then drop whatever you want outside. However, make sure to put two bombs right in front of your town hall, and place your last mortar behind that town hall. As far as raid strategies go, this one works for as low as town hall 7, and goes as such: 8 wall smahers, 8 wizards, 3 rage spells, 14 goblins, 2 healers, 15 giants, 19 archers, 16 barbarians, and thats it. Good Luck! Look for rad with at least 200k gold available. I would not recommend raiding bases with inferno towers unless you meet one or both of the following criteria: you have a death wish and want know resources, and/or you have frosty freeze spells. I salute yall.