How to harvest dark elixir faster [TH7]

Posted onFeb 17th, 2014
Author Quantom
Category:Clash of Clans Tips

If you are finding it painfully slow to accumulate 10000 dark elixir to build your Barbarian King, then here's a simple tip that will sninjad it up a bit: Attack or go through your Defense Log and look for someone who has a lot of dark elixir available (at least 500 or it's not worth it), then drop two level 4 Lightning Spells on the dark elixir storage. You can then try to steal their elixir and gold, but it's probably better to save your troops and just surrender immediately, as they will likely be much stronger than you. On average, I steal a little over 33% of their available dark elixir this way, all without expending any troops. Using this strategy will save you days if not weeks of harvesting -- I guarantee it.