Dark Elixir TH7

Posted onJul 29th, 2014
Category:Clash of Clans Tips

If you think its so hard protecting dark elixir, and getting elixir, and saving up for a barb king, then ill give you soninjaing that is gladly to work. You may think that lightning spells will work but they don't. You only get about an average of 30-80 dark elixir from spells. (Maybe more or less depending how much is available) Town Hall 7 army camps can hold up to 200 troops. So use 100 archers, 5 wall breakers, and 90 barbarians. Also use 3 lighting spells. When you attack villages, you will see that the dark elixir storages are really close to the center of the village. That way its hard to get. Always attack someone with Town Hall 8+. because they will have drills. Drop all 3 lightning spells on the storage. Then use most of your troops to get the drill. (archers are best). You'll probably think thats hardly anything. Then..............For the big weapon........Attack in clan wars! Attack the highest person in the enemy team and do your best to get a star. When you get a star... then you will get lots of bonus loot. You will see that its a lot of dark elixir and coins and elixir. Now you have to protect your clan castle until the war ends. when the war ends collect your loot. This is a perfect strategy for dark elixir. Always request troops from your clan. And always protect your storage. If you guys have any questions please leave a comment.