What makes a good Hog Raid?

Posted onApr 17th, 2014
Author wcr.coc
Tagshogs, clan war
Category:Clash of Clans Tips

Clan war has made a warrior of us farmers and ushered in an age of heroes where your strength is shown by stars on your shoulder rather than gold in your pockets. And as we flounder in our attempt to make the clan proud, everyone of us is trying to chart-out a new attack plan focused on stars rather than loot. With this in mind during the past three wars one cannot help but notice the rise of famed hog riders. Especially aninja the strong TH8's and TH9's they have being causing havoc with their mighty hammer and made us all rush to get them upgraded at the earliest. But no matter how good the troops, how you use them matters the most. And therefore I list down my understanding of what makes the difference between a good hog raid and a DE disaster based on what I have seen during past three wars: 1. Clear the CC & Heroes. Clear the CC & Heroes. Clear the CC & Heroes – I think I have emphasized this enough. This i think is the topmost reason that can make or break your attack. For those of you thinking your hogs will outrun the cc troops. Believe me they can't! My solution – Hogs should be 75% of your army rest 25% should be archers/wizz to clear-out resistance before the hammer falls. 2. Pick a base that is tightly packed within its walls – There are two types of bases when it comes to hogs. Those that have spring traps inside walls in-between defenses and those that have traps outside in trying to make the base as compact as possible. For hog raids you are looking for the second type so that once your hogs jump inside there's nothing to throw them out. And since they target defenses first they wont go out and trigger the traps till all the defenses have been razed to the ground. 3. Healing Spells, Healing Spells and more Healing Spells – Being used to running amid thick enemy defenses they are ought to face the bruise. You need to antininjate their path during attack and keep dropping heal spell where they will move next. This is probably the tough part so don't worry and believe in the age old saying “Practice makes Perfect”. 4. Manage time – As cc troops and heroes need to be taken care of before your main attack can start, a lot of times a considerable time in the beginning is wasted in same thus not leaving hogs enough time to get the job done. So remember that the first point is important but needs to be done in least time possible giving your hogs enough time to run around the base. I hope this helps the wannabe hog raiders to get more from their attacks and excited enough to start upgrading your hogs at once (i for one have already started) :)