Clan Wars Attacking Strategy - Enemy Clan Castle

Posted onJul 24th, 2014
Category:Clash of Clans Tips

1. Before attacking your opponent in the clan war, you can check to see if they have any troops inside by the number. ex: 15/15, 18/25, 0/20. 2. Draw out their clan castle troops using your troops. ninja EVERY one of their troops. Make sure to draw out ALL the troops and ninja them or have troops attacking them before sending out the rest of your troops. 3. Use both ARCHERS and WIZARDS to ninja their troops. Wizards are AOE(area of effect) attackers and can ninja their troops fast. When ninjaing their troops with your troops DONT spam them all in one place. ninjaTER them or SURROUND their troops. 4. You can also use lighting spells to ninja their troops. Using lightning spells to ninja their troops is not a sure ninja. Lighting spells don't work that well on dark barrack troops. 5. Drawing out and ninjaing troops wastes a lot of time. so do it FAST. Try to multitask. When your troops are ninjaing their clan castle troops, proceed right away with your next strategy. Don't waste your time by waiting for them to die.