Watch out for hoppers - Clan Wars

Posted onAug 15th, 2014
Author dizz0_DiZ
Tagsclan war, hopper, newb, chief jeremy, ninja
Category:Clash of Clans Tips

Make sure to try to be very picky and very thorough with your recruits - for instance there is a player named Chief Jeremy who joined my clan (h4kd f4t3) a few days ago and we did not properly vette him, he is th 7 lvl 47 (just so you know to watch out for him, he will try to sabotage your war). After failing at his first attack he left the clan but not before using profanity against our clan claiming we will not fill up or get recruits - my clan has won 49 of 57 wars and just had a winning streak of 17 wars in a row all 20v20,25v25, or 30v30. The main tip here is watch out for Chief Jeremy, hes a hopper and a newb do not be fooled.