Balloons Attack Strategy

Posted onJul 29th, 2013
Author qwei1238
Category:Clash of Clans Tips

This is an attack strategy for a TH level 5-7, that uses balloons. If you are a TH 6, with upgraded camps, then you will need 20 balloons, 1 wall breaker, 1 giant, 1 wizard, 4 barbs, 2 lightning spells, and the rest archers. This is an expensive strategy, mainly for trophies. When attacking, remember that the balloons have 3 weaknesses. The first one, of course, is air defenses. When looking for a base to attack, make sure that the air defense is close to the edge of the base, so you can take it out easily. The second weakness is clan castle troops. Use a few archers to get all the troops out of the castle, then get them in an area, and use your wizards, lightning spells and some archers to take them out. You also need to take out the air defense using your giant, your wall breaker, and your archers. Also, destroy any builders in the corners using either a barb or archer. Now you are ready to start deploying your balloons. Deploy them in pairs of two, so air bombs don't do too much damage. Two air bombs can destroy level three balloons quickly. Air bombs can be devastating if you deploy all your balloons at once. Once all the defenses are destroyed, deploy your goblins, and if you need to, any remaining barbs and archers to sninjad things up. If you have clan castle troops, you can either use them at the end to sninjad things up if you are running low on time, or you could use them to ninja your opponent's troops, or destroy the air defense. If you have a TH level 7 and another camp, you can get 2 more barbs, 1 more balloon, 2 more giants, and lots more archers.