Town Hall Level 6 Attack Strategy

Posted onJun 20th, 2014
Author TheSwagninja
Category:Clash of Clans Tips

Assuming you have 135 troop spaces and two spells, (50 Archers, 10 Wizards, 7 Giants, 5 Wallbreakers, 1 Lightning Spell & 1 Healing Spell) first deploy the Lightning Spell on the defensive structure you will have the most difficulty destroying, (Wizard Tower or Mortar) then send in all of your Giants at an area that is easiest to breach. Be sure to deploy a Healing Spell to assist your Giants. Then, deploy Archers and Wizards around the enemy base where the defensive stuctures are. This ensures that you will have a safe ending-raid once the defensive structures are taken care of. If properly executed, this strategy has, at the very least, a 50% success rate.